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ICT4D early touched in Boven Digoel

ICT4D (Information and Communication Technology For Development)

We have live in information age, as fast we get we can use to improve our life in better. Especially for children, they can prepare they future.

Since 1989 World Vision Indonesia has one project in Boven Digoel, it support the community to empower their self and prepare a better life for children.

In May 2006 the project was used the Vsat for bridging communication among project and head office. On April 2007 this utility was used too for children and community. Some of children at high school can down load information from internet, they used for province science competed. For institution (government and church) use the internet for browsing and communication by email.

All those are the early touched of ICT4D in Boven Digoel, we still going progress for big impact as Otto Gessler said “if you come in this land in honest heart, you will find a big surprise from the other one”.


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